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Let’s Succeed Together Through Better Leadership and Healthier Organizations


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Organizations thrive when great leaders provide an environment where employees flourish.  We help leaders hone skills and nurture mindsets that bring success, especially through the challenges of our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) workplaces.  We do this through training/workshops, speaking engagements, and through professional coaching.  Become your best self for the benefit of all whose lives you impact!

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You're already a smart organization (applying tactical and strategic strength with technological and financial aptitude).  Let us help you become a healthier organization and improve your organization's culture.  Establish leadership team cohesion and clarity.  Build trust.  Improve team dynamics through better communication and conflict management.  Foster a high-performing culture that nurtures and engages talented employees.

Our Service Offerings
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Transform Culture

Bring an app to the mobile device of every employee to practically reinforce values daily!



Gather data through proven assessments to create awareness and empower growth!

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Team Workshops

More than training--interactive engagements to inform and inspire!

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Executive Coaching

Information, inquiry, exploration and resources to help you reach your full potential.

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Speaking Engagements

Information and stories that inspire transformation and growth!

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Experiential Learning

Combining business training and fun activities to help learning stick.



I love helping others thrive and experience increased joy, purpose, and success, what I call living life abundantly.  I do this by bringing a diverse background (including experience leading corporate information technology teams for a Fortune 500 company, a masters degree in organizational leadership, a masters degree in ministry and theology, and over a decade of experience facilitating engaging adult instructional experiences) together in a comprehensive, exciting and customized approach to helping leaders reach new goals and develop greater leadership capacity to positively impact their lives and the lives of those they lead.  In addition to helping individuals grow, I am passionate about helping leaders create healthier organizations with positive cultures that help employees flourish.

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Ready to grow your leadership capacity (or that of a team member of yours)?  Want to transform your team/organization's culture or achieve great cohesion and clarity among your leadership team?  Could your team benefit from a workshop on teamwork, communication, or embracing healthy conflict?  Contact me today with any of the contact info below and let's discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

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