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Become a better leader to create better leaders

The programs below are our three primary areas of focus for leader development.  We can provide assessments, speaking engagements or workshops, and coaching in any of these areas to help you, or a team member, grow their skills and develop their mindset.


Built on servant leadership principles (including work from experts like Jacob Morgan, the Arbinger Institute, Ken Blanchard, and many other thought leaders and business leaders), this program helps leaders gain greater insights about how to best serve their team members toward team engagement, growth and performance.  In addition to learning more about servant leadership, leaders will reflect on their personal leader story and how this shapes their leader identity.

Political Figure
Business Meeting


This program is all about growing leader resilience to thrive in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) workplaces.  Using insights from experts like Brene Brown, Amy Edmondson, Angela Duckworth, Doug Strycharczyk and Peter Clough, and many others, we'll focus on various pillars to equip leaders for overcoming challenges and foster an environment where team members feel safe and supported to flourish.


This program is a deep dive into your identity as a leader (events, people, and beliefs that have shaped you), your values, and your professional and/or personal mission and vision.  It will help you develop greater self-understanding and awareness while aiding you in clarifying priorities and taking action to shape your narrative toward the future you want to see.

Confident Businesswoman
Image by Rahadiansyah


You've probably done "Teambuilding Activities."  We like to bring this experiential learning approach to leadership training.  Using expertise developed from my 20+ years of rock climbing, I'll lead you and others in a leadership development experience aligned to one of the programs above at an indoor climbing facility or at an outdoor climbing crag. 

You do not need climbing experience, or to be super athletic.  Climbing provides many experiential elements that readily apply to building leadership and teamwork capacities.  If you're ready to have fun and potentially challenge your comfort zones while growing professionally, contact us to discuss an option that could work for you.

To hear more about any of these programs and discuss options for you and/or additional colleagues, call me today at (855)543-5683 or click below to send an email.

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